Top 3 Three Things to Consider Before You Private Label

Making the decision to private label a skincare line can be an intimidating one. There are many moving parts, from choosing your formulas to your logo and your packaging design, and deciding your pricing and your order quantities. Here are three things to keep in my mind to help you stay on track.

1: Know Your Numbers
Don’t go into your decision blindly. It is important to have a good idea of how many products you can sell. Take a look at the current run rates of your top selling products. How many do you sell each month? Each quarter? This will help you have a realistic view of how many products of your new line you can move.

2: Know Your Specialty
What is your treatment philosophy? What do you believe delivers the best results for your clients? Be aware of what you do best and reflect that in your formula choices.

3: Know Your Brand
What makes you, you? Don’t be afraid to let it shine. There are many cosmetic lines that exist that have good formulas, but its not just the formula that makes it stand out. It is the reflection of the brand that will relate to the consumer, so don’t be shy! Put your dreams out there!