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don’t settle for what everyone else has

Your skincare line should be a reflection of who you are, not the manufacturer who made it.


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skincare formulas are what we do.

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We turn dreams into brands.

Whether you are a skincare startup, physician, a medical aesthetics clinic, or a beauty influencer, making the decision to start your own line is a big one, and can come with a lot of anxiety and unknowns. I have helped develop unique, effective, and successful formulas across multiple distribution channels. From consulting to managing your development and commercialization, we can help you with any aspect of your journey.


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I am a lover of all things skincare, and can help you formulate the line of your dreams. I have formulated skincare products for major skincare brands, startup skincare companies, beauty influencers, physicians, and aesthetic clinics.

I have simplified the process from inception to commercialization, and can confidently help you with any part of your journey.

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Custom Formulas and Packaging

We work to help you create your own formulas, whether its with a private label lab or you are doing 100% custom work. We help you create your dreams.


Marketing and Business Plans

Have an incredible line but not sure how to market it? We can help. If you have bigger goals, we can write and help execute your business plan.


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Beauty and Social Media Influencers

Beauty influencer? Ready to sell to the masses? We help with the combination of digital and product development, with a focus on what makes you “you”.


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“Working with Nicole has simplified our process and helped us launch our product line within very tight timelines. Our clinic revenue has significantly increased since developing our own brand.” - Dr. L. Miller


“Nicole has vast knowledge of the industry and is very well connected. She helped us develop our business plan and grow our distribution. We are now present in multiple countries with double-digit growth.”

- Melissa K.